Foreign Rights

Welcome to the Foreign Rights page of Kanon Verlag! Kanon is a Berlin-based independent book publisher whose monkey insignia stands for rebellious, untamed literary art. We publish around a dozen hardcovers a year as well as our own paperbacks and audiobooks. Publisher Gunnar Cynybulk founded Kanon along with a group of seasoned book lovers known as #teamkanon. We look for voices often excluded from German and international literature, both from the past and by modern-day writers. Our programme spans a wide range, from non-fiction to volumes of letters, and the narrative strength and personality of our authors is imperative. Thanks to their distinctive designs, loving attention to detail and extensive media exposure, Kanon’s books are highly recognisable. Our latest titles can be found in our online shop.


Kanon Verlag Berlin GmbH
Gunnar Cynybulk

All translation enquiries to Christina Kruse
at Andrew Nurnberg Associates, London

UK/US translation enquires to Michael Dean
at Andrew Nurnberg Associates, London